Ciocca Center Graduates Business Certificate Program Students

61 students at the College of the Holy Cross completed the Business Certificate Program through the Ciocca Center for Business, Ethics, and Society.

We are proud of the hard work these students have done and their commitment to completing the Business Certificate Programs offered through the Ciocca Center for Business, Ethics, and Society.  The liberal arts education is complemented by the experiences and skills gained through the  Business Certificate Program and an excellent opportunity to connect with the alumni presenters.  Each student received a pin to wear on graduation day as well as an official certificate noting this achievement.

Graduating during a pandemic is an added hurdle to securing a full-time position.  We encourage all participants to stay positive and connected with the Holy Cross alumni network, faculty and staff, particularly the Center for Career Development. We are all here to help students succeed and are available as resources for you.  Congratulations!

Read more to see a list of students and Business Certificate Programs.

Certificate in Business Fundamentals

Aidan Suttlehan ’21
Bailey Holman ’21
Bryant Lai ’21
Cameron Meyer ’21
Caroline Saeli ’21
Connor Phillips ’21
Connor Pijanowski ’21
Courtney McMullen ’21
Dalton Bodreau ’21
Dana Barovich ’21
Elizabeth Casavant ’21
Elizabeth DeLuca ’21
Elizabeth Mazzocco ’21
Emily Rodricks ’21
Emma Liskov ’21
Haley Hanstad ’21
John Dudley ’21
John Healy ’21
Katherine Barrette ’21
Katherine Mullen ’21
Katrina Lugli ’21
Kenna O’Brien ’21
Kristen Weber ’21
Lily Droesch ’21
Luna Alexis ’21
Monica Martinez ’21
Motherlove Agbortoko ’21
Nalani Ramos Ruiz ’21
Oscar Gonzalez ’21
Richard George ’21
Robert Morizio ’21
Sean Duffy ’21
Sophie Verra ’22

Certificate in Entrepreneurship

Bianca Tatum ’21
Caroline Davis ’21
Chloe Burkett ’21
Dalton Bodreau ’21
Elise Cortes ’21
Gabriel Piepergerdes ’21
Jasmine Contreras ’21
Katherine Kalill ’21
Motherlove Agbortoko ’21
Timothy Doyle ’21
Tom Cremins ’21

Certificate in Finance & Banking

Alexandra Smith ’21
Bridget Alkin ’21
Connor Loeber ’21
Daniel Dempsey ’21
Emily Culbertson ’21
Eve Smith ’21
Fiona Boyle ’21
Haley Walker ’21
Jack Dennehy ’21
Jessica Hastings ’21
Jiaqi Liang ’21
Joseph Sullivan ’21
Madison Brenchak ’22
Michael Huston ’21
Nelselly Alsina ’21
Grace Ingram ’21
John Drew Nolan ’21
Liam Busconi ’21
Lily DiDomenico ’21
Meghan Creaven ’21