Holy Cross Graduates 46 Business Certificate Program Recipients

Established in 2006 with limited offerings for students to explore business at Holy Cross, the office was recently named the Ciocca Center for Business, Ethics, and Society.  Parents, students and alumni alike have found the Center’s experiential learning opportunities to be a valuable addition to the liberal arts education and student interest in these business certificate programs is booming. As of the spring 2019 semester, there are more than 470 students participating, and they come from all majors. Enrollment in the workshop about supply chain management doubled from 2017 to 2018, from 20 to more than 40 students. The workshop on business ethics and principled leadership had so many students enroll that Prof. David Chu, Director and Prebusiness Advisor,  hopes to offer multiple sessions in the future.

“With the center, we’re going to be able to significantly expand opportunities to meet student demand. The purpose of the center is to provide students with multiple pathways to learn about business — pathways that can complement any major in the curriculum. We don’t try to replicate a business school curriculum; we take a distinctively liberal arts approach” Chu comments.

Today, the Ciocca Center is proud to graduate 46 students from the Business Certificate Programs.  See a list of students below.

Congratulations to the following senior who has completed the requirements of the Certificate in Entrepreneurship.

Joe Egan ’19, psychology major

Congratulations to the following 45 seniors who have completed the requirements of the Certificate in Business Fundamentals.

Bradley Alcantar, economics and psychology major
Kyle Anagnos, economics major
Nicolas Botta, economics major
Michela Caffrey, chemistry major
Thomas Chiappini, international studies major
Tess Ciarcia, history and sociology major
Clare Courcey, English major
Olivia D’Anna, economics major
Elizabeth Driver, computer science major
Kelsey Duffy, history and economics major
Meltem Eracar, psychology and French major
Peter Fantozzi, history major
Tim Haemmerle, economics and Italian major
Meghan Hanlon, economics major
Alissa He, economics and Chinese major
Jennifer Jackson, accounting major
Caroline Jensen, sociology major
Zachery Jung, economics major
Maureen Kade, global health major
Jennifer Kary, political science major
Gregory Landry, psychology major
Megan Lavoie, international studies and Spanish major
Michael Lyons, economics major
Kerrin Mannion, English major
Kevin McLaughlin, political science major
Evan Megan,economics major
Carter Mitchell, political science major
Elizabeth Murphy, English major
Meaghan O’Keefe, Psychology major
Clare Philbin, English major
Robert Place, economics major
Alison Randall, political science major
McKenzie Redfern, history major
Elliot Rippe, economics major
Caroline Rossi, political science
Andrew Smith,economics and history major
John Swartzwelder, economics and political science
Isabel Tehan, English and Spanish major
Madeleine Thero, psychology major
Rebecca Tredwell, English major
Haley Tschirch, political science major
Christopher Vandervoorn, economics major
Yankelly Villa, sociology major
Matthew Wilk, economics major
Cheng-En Wu, economics major

Best of luck and thanks for reading! Cassie

Cassie Gevry, Associate Director of Student Engagement
Ciocca Center for Business, Ethics, and Society