Open Letter to Business Certificate Program Graduates

Dear Business Certificate Program graduates, 

Congratulations! After years of workshops, tutorials, internships, coursework, and job shadowing experiences, we are proud to name you as a graduate of the Ciocca Center for Business, Ethics, and Society at the College of the Holy Cross.  

As a graduate, you are among a select group of students who will be receiving a Certificate in Business Fundamentals, Certificate in Entrepreneurship, and/or Certificate in Finance & Banking. 

While others were vacationing, you had decided to immerse yourself in business, expose yourself to new concepts, build transferable skill sets, and network with successful alumni in the field. This dedication has made all the difference.  Your liberal arts education from Holy Cross has equipped you with the skills to communicate effectively, problem solve, and think critically – the soft skills you can’t learn on the job. To complement this, your business certificate will be a differentiator in the job market and has provided you with competitive technical skills. Take this opportunity to appreciate all that you have accomplished. 

The journey from Holy Cross is a shared experience – past, present and future. Much like the time you spent with alumni professionals, our hope is to one day welcome you back to campus to speak with current students.  Your story will be one others can relate to because you have chosen to achieve both your academic interests and unique career goals. We are extremely proud of you and your pursuits, and wish you the best as you embark on your next journey!

Please be sure to stop in Stein 129E to pick up your hard copy certificate, graduation pin and say farewell.  

Congratulations again on this tremendous achievement and please stay in touch,

Prof. David Chu, Cassie Gevry, Prof. Ja-Naé Duane & Kathy Kinnarney
Ciocca Center for Business, Ethics, and Society

Certificate in Business Fundamentals

Chase Ackerson
Isabella Altman
Rose Anastacio
William (Liam) Anderson
Courtney Babbidge
Kaitlyn Bickerton
Claire Bochman
Kerri Bolivar
Kane Breuer
Jack Browne
Christina Casey
Clare Casey
Matthew Cedeno
Katelyn Cody
Julia Covelle
Ambar Cox
Emily Croce
Claire D’Attoma
Michaela Faris
Devyn Forcina
Apurva Gandhi
Gabrielle Harmon
Conor Hatton
Madeline Hornung
Alex Kanya
Grace Kelly
Samuel Keresey
Caroline Krumsiek
Christopher Latiolait
Mackenzie Madden
Erin Maloney
Colin McCloskey
Margaret Mitchell
Greg Nacheff
Nicholas Partan
Kristina Pestic
Caroline Quinn
Nadine Reidy
Stephen Richardson
Megan Ryan
Sydney Santosuosso
Molly Skoglund
Keely Smith
Nicholas Stachurski
Gabrielle Tammaro
Maryana Trinh
Nathaniel Trotman
Sophie Verra
Nathaniel Wolf

Certificate in Entrepreneurship

John Bowen
Ambar Cox
Apurva Gandhi
Elizabeth Gibbons
Emma Hayes
Greg Nacheff
Renata Palau

Certificate in Finance & Banking

Sarah Anastasio
Madison Brenchak
Fabrice Charles
Matthew Clarkin
Joseph Criscuolo
Xu “Mike” Ding
Thomas Doherty
Collin Fitzpatrick
Grace Flink
Andrew Fox
Kevin Frisoli
Apurva Gandhi
KC Grady
Brian Helfrich
Trent Kamke
Thomas Kenney
Timothy Marx
Molly Murray
Emily Nichols
Brian Olifiers
Andrew Paraiso
Alice Russo
Andrew Sullivan
Ramses Taveras
Margaret Telling
Thomas Thiel