Conor Joslin ’23 Facilitates Alumni Panel for Club Hockey 

Club Hockey Team

On Wednesday, March 30, 2022, the Holy Cross Club Hockey team hosted the first-ever Club Hockey alumni panel coordinated by Conor Joslin ’23, intern for the Ciocca Center.

We are so fortunate that Joe Darcy ‘11, economics major, and Matthew Krebs ‘11, political science major, took the time to meet with current Club Hockey players to share their Holy Cross experience and careers in business. Both alumni speakers emphasized the importance of networking and connecting with fellow Holy Cross alumni to achieve success in the business world. Darcy is currently an Investor at IDEA Fund Partners and Krebs is a Director of Operations at Garrison Investment Group. Both provided current players with valuable feedback in regards to using your liberal arts education to your advantage, as it differentiates Holy Cross students from other applicants. By attending a liberal arts education like Holy Cross, students learn to communicate, read, write, analyze, present, and critically think at a very high level that other large business school students may not learn. Furthermore, they talked about the importance of networking and utilizing the Holy Cross alumni network. Holy Cross alumni love helping current students, so it is extremely important to put yourself out there and introduce yourself to multiple alumni.  

Darcy and Krebs went on to talk about their Club Hockey experience, and how being a part of the team taught them to compete and adopt essential characteristics that are helpful in the business world. By playing on a team like Holy Cross Club Hockey, you improve your time management skills, communication skills, and competitiveness. Since it is a commitment, people have to plan their homework and social schedules during times when the team is not playing, traveling, or practicing. In the professional world, you need to have excellent time management skills, and that is a skill that can be improved by playing a competitive club sport. Furthermore, they talked about how they made so many friends that they are still close with today through their extracurricular experience with Holy Cross Club Hockey. Through the friendships they have made through participating, they have continued to keep in touch with each other in the professional world, and are a support system for each other. 

Thank you to Joe Darcy ‘11 and Matthew Krebs ‘11 for sharing their time and expertise.