Experiential Learning at Holy Cross


My name is Mackenzie Madden and I am a senior economics and psychology double major participating in the Business Fundamentals Certificate Program here at Holy Cross. Through my time at Holy Cross and through the Ciocca Center, I have felt the power of a liberal arts education while understanding the ways this type of education prepares students for business roles. I am actively searching for jobs within finance and consulting before graduating this spring.  I am confident that I will be ready to work these jobs after the preparation the Ciocca Center has provided for me. From Fullbridge to the Global Supply Chain workshop to job shadowing and internship opportunities, the Ciocca Center has ensured that all students are exposed to business industries early on in their college career and gain exposure to the alumni network.

As part of the experiential learning component, I have participated in two summer internships, one of which I am still working with this fall. Going into my junior year, I worked as a media analytics intern at an advertising agency in Boston called Connelly Partners. This internship exposed me to the world of marketing by placing me in a team setting within analytics while also working with other interns in different departments. I learned the steps that must be taken before a marketing campaign can go live. The team had to choose the best spot for the ad to exist, whether that be television, radio, news or street signs. They also had to connect with the right audience by creating content that would be most engaging for the company’s target of interest. 

This past summer, I worked as a professional services intern at Dynamo Software, which is a company in Watertown, MA that sells software to financial service companies. Having more of an interest in finance, I chose this internship because I wanted to be able to work firsthand with people in charge of financial services. My direct supervisor was a Holy Cross alumni, which was a great way for me to learn about how she translated her liberal arts education into the business world. As a PS intern, I worked with clients’ needs after the software was implemented to answer questions and address concerns that they had. I also worked on small projects for my supervisor, which I am continuing to do this fall while at school. 

Without the Ciocca Center, I wouldn’t have the confidence that I can succeed in business roles. The Business Fundamental Certificate is a great choice for anyone who wants to succeed in business but doesn’t know exactly what industry is for them. Through several workshops, you will get a taste of many business industries while working with energetic and extremely dedicated alumni. I am very grateful for the Ciocca Center and am glad I get to spend time this fall giving back to the work they have done for me by working as a marketing and communications workstudy for the office!

Thank you Mackenzie Madden ’22 for her kind words and hard work.  We are thrilled to be working with you this fall and are excited to see where life takes you after the hill!