Business Clubs Leading the Way

Alumna and student shaking hands

Joining a business club is so much more than a weekly hangout.  Students who actively participate can expect to become more familiar with the industry and learn the vocabulary, will be up to date with current events, as well as expand their network – of alumni and peers.  The Ciocca Center for Business, Ethics, and Society sponsors the following student clubs to provide speakers and competitions, as well as ways for students to develop personally and professionally.

Please join us in congratulating and thanking the following students who have been confirmed as club chairs for the next academic year!

  • The Agency
    Co-chairs: Hayley Berry ’23, Kierra Macaneney ’21, Lindsey Shea ’21
    The Agency educates students interested in learning about the fields of public relations, advertising, and marketing. Although each field has its distinct features, they all make up the field of marketing communications. By holding workshops and career panels every semester, The Agency provides students with exposure to the many industry careers. The Agency is open to all classes and majors.
  • The Finance Club
    Co-chairs: Danielle Doria ’21, Ethan Hensley ’21
    The Finance Club focuses on all facets of Wall Street, including sales and trading and investment banking, and helps students gain an understanding of financial markets, institutions, trends and current events. The aim is to prepare students for financial roles and networking opportunities for careers on Wall Street. Open to any major and class.
  • HC Launch
    Managing Directors: Tom Cremins ’21 , MaryAnne Wiley ’22

    HC Launch, the student-run incubator, fosters the development of entrepreneurial skills and ventures in the Holy Cross community. The incubator takes a holistic approach to support individuals through skills training, mentorship, funding opportunities, and in-kind resources. Students can pursue two paths: 1) receive support developing a business from concept to launch and growth or 2) join an extended team that will help current venture ideas. The incubator has an application process for both business ideas and for associate positions on the management team. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. 
  • Holy Cross Sales Group
    Chair: Fiona Boyle ’21 & Aidan Suttlehan ’21
    The Holy Cross Sales Group explore the sales and management industries of business and the ways a liberal arts education is useful in the business world. Club members learn a variety of selling techniques and strategies, communication and organization, and obtain attributes that breed success in the sales industry. Meetings are enhanced with guest alumni speakers who discuss their professional lives. All class years and majors encouraged to join.
  • Holy Cross Student Investment Fund
    Co-Chairs: John Boyd ’21, Liam Busconi ’21, LJ Foley ’21, Hayden Ivatts ’21
    Members of HC SIF gain technical skills, experience and knowledge in the fields of asset valuation, equity research, and portfolio management.  Learn more online and join here.
  • Real Estate Club
    Co-chairs: Jack Cary ’22 and Dominic Dimitroff ’21
    The Real Estate Club exposes students to a broad range of topics including residential, commercial, and development. Join us for industry perspective and discussions about current market trends with alumni guest speakers.
  • Women in Business Club
    Co-chairs: Christina Casey ’22, Elina Kang ’23, Bianca Tatum ’21, Mia Mazza ’21
    The annual Holy Cross Women in Business Conference has expanded to create a year-round network! Students are invited to honor, inspire and connect with alumnae and peers. Join this new student club to explore industries, become business savvy and gain the confidence to succeed!

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