Holy Cross Hosts Fourth Annual Mock Superday

The fourth annual Mock Superday, coordinated by the Finance Club through the Ciocca Center for Business, Ethics, and Society with the Center for Career Development, was held on Monday, April 29, 2019 on campus.  This event helps students prepare for the intensive interview process for internships and full-time jobs at Wall Street firms.  The evening started with dinner, followed by an alumni panel.  From there the group moved into speed interviews simulating a Wall Street Superday.

“Myself, Andrew Smith ’19 and the rest of the Finance Club Executive Board are thrilled with the success of the Mock Superday event this year. This is the fourth year the event has taken place, and we achieved the highest alumni participation to date.” said Jay Mackie ’19, Co-Chair of the Finance Club. “With this new level of engagement, we were able to expand the event beyond just the student/alumni interviews to include an alumni panel open to the broader student body, and an intimate meeting with senior bankers to discuss initiatives the school is taking to increase placements in finance. We think this year was an important step forward in creating alumni awareness around the club’s efforts to prepare students for a career in financial services. ”

This was such a successful year for the Finance Club, in fact all members of the E-board, who were interns last summer, have now secured full time analyst positions at top firms on Wall Street for after graduation.

  • Stephen D’Agostino ’19: Incoming Analyst, JP Morgan Investor Services
  • Chip (George) Doherty ’19: Incoming Analyst, Morgan Stanley Investment Management
  • Hana Ferrari ’19: Incoming Analyst, BNP Paribas Global Markets
  • Jack McCabe ’19:Incoming Analyst, Blackstone Valuations
  • Jay Mackie ’19 : Incoming Analyst, Barclays Investment Banking
  • Andrew Smith ’19: Incoming Analyst, Goldman Sachs Investment Management
  • Brianna Spencer ’19: Incoming Analyst, Barclays Investment Banking

“This year’s Mock Superday was incredible.” comments Pam Ahearn, Director of Employer Engagement, Center for Career Development at Holy Cross .  “There were nine alumni participating in the speed interviews that simulate a Wall Street Superday to give current first years and sophomores an opportunity to practice their interview skills in order to be competitive for the highly coveted summer analyst roles at the major banks. The alumni were very impressed with the quality of the candidates they interviewed as well as the work that both the Finance Club and the Student Investment Fund have done to prepare students for the industry.  The bar has been set very high for future Co-chairs and E-Board members! ”

The Holy Cross alumni network is what makes these events such powerful networking tools for current students.  “We hope events like the Mock Superday can help build a sustainable connection between the school’s best aspiring financiers and our fantastic alumni network. After all, HC alumni are always willing to go the extra mile for us!” adds Mackie. The Ciocca Center is especially grateful to the following alumni for their time and expertise.

  • Steve Baker ’96, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley
  • Micaela Collins ’12, Associate, Bank of America
  • Brendan Grady ’89, P22, 20, 19, 17, Managing Director, KeyBanc
  • Doug Ingram P23, Managing Director, Bank of America
  • Matthew McCrann ’94, Director, Citi
  • Tom Moran ’07, Vice President, Morgan Stanley
  • Steven Rizzaro ’16, Associate, Barclays
  • Matt Rogers ’13, Associate, BNP Paribas
  • Mark Thompson ’08, Executive Director, Morgan Stanley

Thanks for reading! Cassie

Cassie Gevry, Associate Director of Student Engagement
Ciocca Center for Business, Ethics, and Society