A Growing Gem of a Club- CAM!

Please welcome guest blogger, Abaigeal Healy ’11, Co-Chair of CAM.

The CAM Club stands for the student-led communications, advertising, and marketing group on campus. CAM Club is offered by the Ciocca Office of Entrepreneurial Studies and Pre-Business Program in association with Professor Chu. The purpose of CAM is to educate students in communications, advertising, and marketing, and to expose them to the many careers in these fields. This is a unique club on campus because there are no specific advertising courses offered at Holy Cross. CAM Club can sufficiently supplement a strong liberal arts education.

CAM can act as an introductory course to the marketing/advertising industry. The club intends to help students prepare for summer internships offered through programs like The Summer Internship Program, which is affiliated with the on campus Career Center. If offered one of these competitive internships through SIP Holy Cross students will more than likely be working with students from other colleges and universities who specialize or major in communications, advertising, or marketing. CAM can prepare Holy Cross students to excel in these internships.

CAM consists of workshops, career panels, and on campus project campaigns. In a typical meeting the club will discuss current events and hot topics in the industry. AdAge Magazine is delivered weekly and is available for students to read and study. A specific topic is discussed and elaborated on each week. For example, CAM has discussed the importance of social media in today’s society and how to market to Generation Y. The club has also started to collaborate with other groups on campus to help them generate advertising campaigns for activities and events. Eventually, CAM hopes to become the in-house, on campus agency for fellow student-led organizations. CAM brought one speaker to campus this year and hopes to bring more next year. The featured speaker was Kerry Dyer, a father of one of the students in CAM Club. Kerry Dyer is the Publisher of US News and World Report. A dinner and talk was set up in collaboration with the Pre-Business Program.

CAM is a young club and has recently applied to become an RSO (recognized student organization) on campus. Becoming an RSO will help advertise this club to freshman, sophomores, and juniors who are looking to specify their studies and interests. CAM is open to students of all classes and majors and is looking to build up its membership. For all you interested and creative students, come learn what it is all about! The new Co-Chairs for Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 will be Harry Chiu, Kelsey Russell, and McCall McIntyre. Please email Prebusiness for more information.

–Thanks Abby! Be sure to check out CAM next semester.


Kaithlyn Kayer
Associate Director, Entrepreneurial Studies

David Chu
Director, Entrepreneurial Studies & Pre-business Advisor

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