The Benefits of a Certificate in Business Fundamentals

Student at office desk

Tess Meehan ’24 shares her first-hand experience in the Business Certificate Program and the value it offers.

When I arrived at the College of the Holy Cross, like most freshmen, I was uncertain about my career path and major. How do you choose something you will do for the foreseeable future when you are interested in everything? Business was the one career trajectory I had zero interest in pursuing. My roommate, however, saw things differently. She was convinced that earning a Certificate in Business Fundamentals was an important component to any career. Eventually her sound reasoning of “try it, you might like it” convinced me to join her at the Fullbridge Program, a weeklong exposure to basic business fundamentals within a simulated work environment. By week’s end, I had gained a new appreciation for the value offered by the Certificates. Currently, I am a sophomore double majoring in political science and economics with a Certificate in Business Fundamentals. The Ciocca Center offers several pathways including-business fundamentals, finance and banking as well as entrepreneurship. Eventually, I chose the fundamentals program since it augmented my theoretical understanding of economics by offering classes and workshops to understand the components which comprise business such as marketing, sales, supply chain, ethics, etc. Additionally, the program offered multiple opportunities to engage and network with alumni.

The Business Certificate Program offers something for everyone.