Lily Droesch ’21 Interview by JP Cunningham ’23

HEadshot of a student on Fenwick stairs

Lily Droesch ’21, merchandising assistant, Macy’s
Holy Cross Studies:  Sociology Major, Business Fundamentals Certificate
Interviewed by JP Cunningham ’23

JP:  How was your experience as a student at Holy Cross pursuing one of the business certificates?

LD:  I had a really good experience.  I found the requirements to be a great addition to my courses and only enhanced what I was learning in the classroom.

JP:  Was there one workshop, class, professor, club, activity, etc. that has influenced your perspective on the professional world to the greatest extent?

LD:  I think that the job shadowing program solidified my decision to pursue a career in fashion because I got to spend the day with alumni and see firsthand what goes on on a day-to-day basis.

JP:  During interviews, how did the certificate help you to land your first job or internship?

LD:  During my interviews, the Interview Prep workshop helped me land both my internship and my job. We did activities such as preparing an elevator pitch as well as hearing tips from different alumni and the career office. The career office practice interviews helped me as well because they asked questions that catered to my position and gave constructive feedback.

JP:  How has the Holy Cross alumni network impacted your professional career?

LD:  The Holy Cross alumni network positively impacted my professional career as everyone wanted to help. Through my conversations, I was able to learn more about the fashion industry and learn about different career paths. Coming from a liberal arts college it was nice to have shared experiences and get advice from alumni.

JP:  If applicable, are there aspects of the HC mission that you continue to experience after graduating?

LD:  One aspect of the Holy Cross mission that I continue to experience after graduating is always wanting to learn more. In my work experience, I find myself always asking questions to learn more about the company and business strategies.

JP:  What advice would you give to an HC student trying to enter the professional world?

LD:  A piece of advice I found helpful during the interview process was to research the company. By researching the product or looking them up in the news, it shows that you have put in extra work and are enthusiastic about it.

JP:  Has there been any crossover between your work at Macy’s and takeaways from your experience with the Business Certificate Program?

LD:  There have been many crossovers between my work at Macy’s and the Business Certificate Program, most notably my work in Excel. Completing the Excel Tutorial taught me skills that I use on a daily basis. I also believe the business certificate and my liberal arts education helped me with interpersonal skills that I use daily.