College Street Journal Launches Student Business Newspaper

newspaper on chair

In the fall of 2021, the College Street Journal was born.  “I set out to start CSJ as a platform for all things business here at Holy Cross” shares Robert Posillico ’23, founder and editor in chief. “We cover current news and internship opportunities as well as offer a space for career development advice, alumni interviews, and professor editorials.”

The College has a few newspapers in circulation, namely the Spire, Fenwick  Review, and History on the Hill, making the College Street Journal an all-in-one news source for students seeking to learn more about business and better position themselves for these career opportunities.

Posillico shares his thoughts on the project in the Letter from the Editor section on the front page of the first edition.

Letter from the Editor, October 2021 Issue
Robert Posillico ’23

College of the Holy Cross offers its students the opportunity to receive a holistic Jesuit liberal arts education, teaching essential career skills and instilling important values. With that said, students pursuing a business career are often required to consult numerous individual outlets to grow as a strong competitive candidate. I set out to start The College Street Journal as a platform for all things business here at Holy Cross. A platform for not only students to help other students learn and grow, but a place to expose students to the opportunities and resources at their disposal here at Holy Cross.  Whether that be the extensive loyal alumni network the college has developed, the numerous business clubs and activities on campus, the professionals and resources within the career development office, or the incredible programs put on by the Ciocca Center, Holy Cross students have a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips. Unmistakably, a large portion of the content CSJ looks to produce is current events and relevant news. Unlike many major news outlets, we want to offer a predigested form, explaining news in a  way that is intuitive for the reader no matter where they’re at in their life. Whether you’re a senior about to embark on your Investment Banking career or a freshman English major that wants to be able to speak intelligently on current events in an upcoming conversation with alumni or alumnae, we want  all readers to be able to benefit from this paper. We believe that all students  interested in a career in business should have at least a high-level  understanding of the major news happening around the world and hope that  CSJ can bring that into life on campus.

In this edition, you will find a variety of different student and professor articles. You can find articles on macroeconomic topics and market-moving issues such as inflation and the semiconductor shortage as well as pieces that shed light on major trends in the business world, such as the increased importance of ESG investing and government regulation when it comes to the environment and crypto. There is also a fascinating article from Professor Olena Staveley-O’Carroll discussing her research surrounding capital flows, U.S. foreign debt, and pension reforms around the globe. One of our goals is to work in continuing to foster student-professor relations and enable students to learn more about the research their professors are working on. As touched upon previously, CSJ will act as another platform to bring alumni advice to students. Holy Cross students are in a different position coming from a nonbusiness program at a non-target school for many firms. However, with the advice and support of alumni, we can leverage our Holy Cross education and learn the necessary skills to land that internship or job. In this edition, you can read a students interview with a Holy Cross alumnus from the class of 2015 as he talks about his path after graduation into consulting, Investment Banking, Private Equity, and now Harvard Business school.

Whether you are a part of the development team or a reader, we believe that The College Street Journal will be an asset to all Holy Cross students. If
you are interested in getting involved with the paper, please feel free to reach out at A special thank you to Professor David Chu and Cassie Gevry from the Cioccia Center for supporting this paper and helping along the way to make this idea a reality.