The Holy Cross Magazine Highlights the Ciocca Center

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOTTLE starts the Holy Cross Magazine article highlighting Art Ciocca ’59 as he pours a glass from the iconic, innovative box of Franzia.  His mindset, which led to that revolutionary box, is one he wants to encourage in future generations of transformative business leaders through the Ciocca Center for Business, Ethics, and Society at the College of the Holy Cross.

“Based upon my experience, I think Holy Cross-educated people have the potential to become highly successful leaders in business and many other areas of life, and that’s why I think it is invaluable to help those students get their careers off to a smart start,” Mr. Ciocca says. “That’s why one of the biggest focuses of our foundation is principled entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs who take their satisfaction on the basis of merit — I believe those people create real, long-term, sustainable value for society and for others.”

Read the spring 2019 Holy Cross magazine article.

Thanks for reading! Cassie

Cassie Gevry, Associate Director of Student Engagement
Ciocca Center for Business, Ethics, and Society